Revisit Assumption/Assertions about LIS

At the end of the semester, while only a few months have actually past, it feels like I’ve been a MLIS candidate forever!  I really do mean that in the best way possible though.  I feel like I’ve been embedded into this program and the program has been embedded into me.  My previous assumptions about the profession at the beginning of the class are as follows:

1)   Libraries will never cease to exist.  They might, however, change significantly over time in function.

2)   While print may not be as important for a lot of traditional monographs in the future, print copies will continue to be preserved in libraries.

3)   Don’t worry Mom and Dad, I’ll get a job after graduation (this time)…

Now, at the end of LIS 6010 Intro to the Information Professional, I feel the same about my assertions.  These topics were all discussed thoroughly in our class meetings.  We talked extensively on how libraries are changing.  My team blog was structured around the idea of the future of libraries.  The link to that blog is posted below:

We also talked extensively on the preservation of print in libraries.  I think I would agree with some of my classmates in their beliefs that having print copies of books in one’s possession will be just as “hip” in the future as owning LPs is today.  It’s funny how those things work….trends and fads….but it is true of our society.

In regards to my 3rd assumption about finding a job after graduation, I still believe it to be true.  I have started building connections with professional music organizations (MOT) and gaining experience in archiving through them.  I have also started a job working an information desk at the Ann Arbor District Library.  It is an amazing place to work and I’m gaining valuable experience in public service and reference.  I am also planning on starting a Graduate Student Assistantship next semester in the Purdy/Kresge library.  I will be gaining valuable experience working in an academic library setting.  I think I will be heading down the right path to supplementing my resume for when I start applying for jobs after graduation.


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