Blogging about Professional Blogs

I have never really had an interest in blogs before.  I trust online journals, scholarly or otherwise, to learn things about a certain topic.  In the case of library and information science, I still trust online journals more than blogs, but having done some searching around for professional blogs, I can see the value in reading them.   Librarianship is an ever-changing field and everyone has different beliefs in what trends are going to last, whether the trends are worth investing in, what topics need to be advocated this month, etc.  Subscribing to a librarian’s blog you enjoy reading can help you gain new information from a different mindset.  I found two blogs, both written by published female librarians, which discuss the Internet and the changing world of libraries.


“Hey Jude, learning in an online world”


Judy O’Connell, a current faculty member at Charles Sturt University, writes this blog.  She comments that she created the blog to help herself engage in reflection, learning and social networking.  The majority of the posts on this blog discuss social networking, social media, school libraries and Web 2.0.  Her blog is visual interesting with lots of pictures and videos embedded into her posts.  She also provides related articles to most of her postings so her readers can do additional reading if they choose.  She also includes a Twitter feed on the blog to view what she’s tweeting and what others are tweeting about her blog.


Some interesting blog posts of O’Connell are as follows:


A post discussing tools that help with personalization:



A post that discusses a possible crisis in School Libraries:


“Librarian in Black”


Sarah Houghton, the Director the San Rafael Public Library in CA, writes this blog.  She comments that she created the blog because she disliked having to wade through dozens of other websites, blogs & RSS feeds to gather information that related to her work.  Topics of this blog include library web and digital services.  Glancing through the archive of the blog you can see that she likes to write blog posts in series.  Some of the series are titled: “What Sarah Said”, “Internet Librarian”, “eBooks”, “LiB Recommends” and “LiB Sites and Sources”.  She also has a twitter feed on her blog, as well as a place to subscribe to her blog (RSS).


Some posts I found interesting on “Librarian in Black” are:

A list of great mobile apps for libraries:


An informal discussion on library website development:




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