Mid-semester analysis

Here at the mid-semester point, I’m just as excited about the continuation of earning my MLIS as I was at the very beginning, which says a lot!  I suppose though, I might be slightly more excited than before because I do have a clearer view of the path in which I want to take in my studies at WSU’s SLIS.  When I started at Wayne State University, I was interested in the Digital Content Management Specialization in my MLIS program.  However, through personal research, I’ve gotten more and more interested in pursuing music librarianship.

Honestly, this blogging assignment is really what helped me come to this conclusion.  It was the Professional Organization blog post that made me search for music librarian jobs out in the world.  There were so many postings that appealed to me.  Through the Major Orchestra Library Association, I saw a posting for a Library Assistant at the Metropolitan Opera in New York!!  I went to their website and I found that they employ 3 librarians and 2 archivists.  I WANT ONE OF THESE JOBS!!!!  🙂  It would be such a dream to work for the Met.  Because of that assignment, I’m beyond excited to start searching for jobs around the country, mostly in Chicago or New York, in the field of music librarianship.

I’ve already made a contact in the professional music library field at the Michigan Opera Theatre in Detroit.  I went there to do an observation for LIS 6010 and I learned all about how this library was formed and how the Opera Company works directly with library and visa versa.  That connection I’ve made has led already to volunteering.  I’m working on a project to digitize archived articles about past MOT productions.  I am using Archivist Toolkit to help with online archiving.  This volunteering project could turn into an internship/practicum if I choose in the future.  I will be looking more into the Arts & Museum Librarianship Certification but I cannot apply for the program until Winter 2013 to start then in Fall 2013.  The director of the MOT Library has already offered to provide me with a letter of recommendation for when I apply to the Certification….I’m on my way! 🙂


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