Job Analysis pt.2

For the purpose of this blog, I’m choosing to analyze the position of Music Librarian for Yale University.  If I choose to go into academic music librarianship, I couldn’t think of many better places to work.  Yale University has an amazing music program, especially for the higher degrees.  They are best known for their sacred music program (Institute of Sacred Music).  The link to view this program is listed below;

This position is actually starting its rank as Librarian at level 3, which means that five years of related experience is necessary.  Level 4 requires at least 8 years of experience and Level 5 requires at least 12 years of experience.  This position is a full-time position, which comes out to 37.5 hours per week (not a weekend position).

I obviously do not have five years of related professional experience yet, but here are the skills that are necessary for the position of which I think I’ve already acquired:

  1. Works independently with varied user groups in a complex organization and functions collaboratively in a team environment.
  2. Excellent customer service skills, flexibility and a strong commitment to innovation, creativity and excellence. Excellent problem solving skills, experience coordinating projects, and the ability to bring projects to fruition.
  3. Ability to work cooperatively with others and foster teamwork.

I have received these skills through working in libraries prior.  In any library, a good amount of teamwork is necessary to receive answers to questions and to solve problems.

The following I have some knowledge regarding, but I have a lot to work on in my future to prepare myself for this job requirement:

  1. Rudimentary knowledge of three or more Western European languages (preferably German, French, and/or Italian). I have a minor in French; I studied the language for over five years in my undergraduate university.  While in undergrad, I also did a lot of personal study on the German language and I took a certification test at the Goethe Institute in Chicago which led me to earn my A1 certificate in German language.
  2. In-depth knowledge of music literature and music reference sources. Strong commitment to collection building and to innovative public service programs, including the provision of information in electronic formats.  I had to take several music history courses and a research class devoted to ethnomusicology.  I spent a lot of time searching for information in the shelves of our music library or online on the many databases dedicated to music articles.  However, there are so many databases out there and other types of resources that I have no working knowledge of yet.  I have yet to take classes on collection development, but I plan to.  I also plan on taking some type of class that discusses electronic formatting.

These two following requirements of the position are ones that I could acquire only through my professional work experience after graduation:

  1. Demonstrated understanding of current developments in information and music librarianship with a proven ability to provide leadership and direction in a research library.
  2. Demonstrated ability and achievement in a supervisory role.

I plan on earning my MLIS with the Arts and Museum Librarianship certification.  I also plan on joining professional music organizations while in school, especially the Music Librarian Association (MLA), which can help me network before applying for jobs after graduation.


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