Professional Associations

1. Music Librarian Association


Brief History of MLA:

Founded in 1931. International membership of librarians, musicians, scholars, educators, and members of the book and music trades.


Mission of the MLA:

The Music Library Association provides a professional forum for librarians, archivists, and others who support and preserve the world’s musical heritage.


Membership Benefits:

Members have access to the Online Directory of MLA members.  They have access to that official MLA Calendar of events.  They can also view the Administrative Handbook, the Fiscal Policies Handbook, the Convention Manual and miscellaneous MLA business forms.  Members also have a list of the members’ email and a list of system music user groups. Members can also apply for awards and grants that the MLA gives out each year. Members receive one full volume of NOTES and are eligible for discounted registration fees for their annual conference.


Membership Prices:


Individual Member: $110

Student Member: $50



The MLA website provides a list (short list) of job openings in the field of music librarianship.  They also provide Music Librarianship Workshops held around the country.  They have a resume & cover letters review service, career advisory service and other career resources available through the website.



They provides a Basic Manual Series (for music librarians), Index & Bibliography Series, Music Cataloging Bulletin, MLA Newsletter, Notes, Technical Reports and other online publications through the Association.


Personal Input on Association:

If I continue down the path of becoming a music librarian, this association is a great one to join.  They provide many wonderful services for their members, hold conferences and workshops and post job openings in the field.  Plus, the MLA is an international organization that could connect music librarians across continents.  I would definitely consider joining this organization in the near future.


2. Association of Jewish Libraries


Brief History of AJL:

AJL was founded in 1996 when the Jewish Librarians Association and the Jewish Library Association merged.


Mission of the Association of Jewish Libraries:

The Association of Jewish Libraries promotes Jewish literacy through enhancement of libraries and library resources and through leadership for the profession and practitioners of Judaica librarianship.

The Association fosters access to information, learning, teaching and research relating to Jews, Judaism, the Jewish experience and Israel.


Membership Benefits:

Members get access to the AJL Publications; Judaica Librarianship, AJL News, AJL Reviews.  They get a reduced registration rate for the AJL Annual Convention.  Members get a discount on AJL monographs.  They also get access to the current year’s convention proceedings and the online Weine classification documents.  Members are eligible for AJL accreditation.


Membership Prices:

Individual $70

1st year library school students FREE

2nd & 3rd year library school students $35



Awards are given out to both authors and members.  There are three literary awards given each year to exemplary Judaic literature.  There are also three awards given to members, including a student scholarship for those pursuing a future career in Judaic librarianship.



The AJL has numerous publications, including serials, print monographs and online resources.  Links to these publications are available on the AJL website.


Primary Activity:

There is an annual conference.  The 2013 AJL Annual Conference will be held in Houston, Texas in June.


Personal Input on Association:

I will most definitely be joining this organization as they offer free membership to 1st year library students.  They have lots of great resources available to those interested in Judaic literature, not just those interested in the profession of Judaic librarianship.  This is a whole other section of librarianship that I had yet to consider.  I will be looking further into the profession after my membership has been processed.


3. Major Orchestra Librarians’ Association


Brief History of MOLA:

MOLA, the Major Orchestra Librarians’ Association, was founded in 1983.  MOLA is comprised of nearly 250 professional performance organizations.


Mission of MOLA:

The primary objective of MOLA is to help improve communication among orchestra librarians. The Association’s other objectives include: assisting librarians in providing better service to their orchestras, presenting a unified voice in publisher relations, and providing support and information to the administrations of performing arts organizations.


Membership Benefits:

Membership is actually given to the organization itself and not the representing librarians individually.  Members have access to the annual conference, the quarterly newsletter Marcato, a website (, various brochures, errata lists and a listing of the affiliated performing ensembles and librarians.


Membership Prices:

Organization: $250



There is a listing of job openings on the website as well as information for internships and summer programs.   There is a board and miscellaneous committees that members can participate with.



All MOLA publications are available online.  The newsletter is called Marcato.  MOLA also provides brochures and other informational resources on the types of organizations represented in the association.


Primary Activity:

The annual conference is being held in Portland, OR in April 2013.


Personal Input of Association:

This is definitely my favorite resource that I found in this search for professional organizations.  While membership is excluded to professional ensembles only, there are lots of resources available for public viewing.  I will be using this site in the future to apply for summer programs and internships in the field of music librarianship.  I also found my dream job on the job posting board!   I’m already a big fan of MOLA.


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