Personal Goals/Objectives for my Studies

When I made the decision to go to graduate school to pursue a MLIS degree, I received a reaction very similar to those others may have received.  People asked me, “Isn’t that a dying profession?” or “…and you expect to get a job with that?”  Well, luckily, through my studies at Wayne State University I have already found tons of literature that support my already held belief that I will find a job after graduation.  One journal article from American Libraries states that with the growing number of retiring librarians each year, the number of openings in the field of librarianship is increasing.

When I applied to the program at Wayne State University, I was initially drawn to the Digital Content Management Specialization that they offer.  As an undergraduate student at Western Michigan University, I worked as a student assistant in the Electronic Serials department and I thought that a profession in that field would be enticing.  I also felt that with the rapid rate of available digital resources for librarians being as it is that a searching for a job in Digital Content would be a good bet.

Here’s the link to view the classes for the Digital Content Management Specialization;

When I came to Orientation, however, I reassessed and thought if I could somehow use my MLIS and my undergraduate degree together and find a career in Music Librarianship.  This was really sparked by one of my professors in an introduction to my first course in the MLIS program.  This is something I am definitely considering for my future.  I love the idea of continuing a career in the music field and I get to spend all day in what had been my favorite place in my undergrad studies…the music library!  So many scores, so little time!

As of now, my plans for my future have yet to solidify.  Through my studies in the MLIS program at Wayne State University, I hope to learn all the basic philosophies of library and information science.  I want to continue learning about the many different pathways I could go down after graduation.  I plan on taking another general MLIS class next semester and at least one class in the Digital Content Management Specialization Elective List.  I feel that introducing myself more to the professional field of Digital Content is extremely important before I focus my whole course study in the field.


Matarazzo, J. M., & Mika, J. J. (2006). How To Be Popular. American Libraries37(8), 38-40.


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